Electrical Engineering

We are currently only recruiting for the online M.S. in Electrical Engineering program. Please visit the online program site to learn more about the curriculum and available focus areas. Click here to express your interest in the on-ground version of this program at join our email listserv to be notified when details are released regarding future cohorts.

This Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE) program awards the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (M.S. in E.E.) with a focus in Power Systems.  This program enables professionals who are employed full-time to pursue advanced study in a focused environment alongside like-minded fellow students. The program is offered locally, and all classes meet live at the Newport News Shipyard.

The M.S. in E.E. with an emphasis on Power Systems will help students gain valuable, practical knowledge of next-generation nuclear power systems, power distribution grids, and current and emerging trends in electrical power networks and smart grids. 

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#15 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs

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#12 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs for Veterans

Program Format

The program consists of a minimum 33 credit hours comprised of  eleven graduate-level, three-credit-hour courses (including a mandatory refresher course). Students take one class each session. Each class session is 12 weeks long, and classes meet every other Wednesday and Thursday, from 4:30p-7:30p at the Newport News Shipyard.   Class attendance is expected. Throughout the program, classes must be taken in lock-step with the cohort and cannot be taken out of sequence.

Courses (listed in numerical order):
  • ECE 2110  Circuit Theory (Refresher course)
  • ECE 4610   Electrical Energy Conversion (Electric Machine Analysis and M&S)
  • ECE 4620  Electrical Power Systems (Power Systems Analysis)
  • ECE 6035  Introduction to Computer Networks
  • ECE 6045M  ST: Marine Power Systems
  • ECE 6045P  ST: Power System Harmonics and EMI
  • ECE 6662   Power Electronics (Power Electronics with Intro to Power Quality and EMI)
  • ECE 6667  Nuclear Power Generation
  • ECE 6668  Power Distribution Grids (Power System Distribution, Protection and Control)
  • ECE 6669  Developing Trends in Electrical Power Networks (Smart Grids)
  • EMSE 6820  Program & Project Management (EE emphasis)
Projected Class Schedule:
Projected schedule for M.S. E.E.
2017 #Courses #Credits Projected dates
Spring – Refresher 1 3 Feb 8 – Apr 6, 2017
Summer 1 3 Apr 19 – Jun 29, 2017
Fall-1 1 3 Jul 12 – Sep 21, 2017
Fall-2 1 3 Oct 4 – Dec 14, 2017
2018 #Courses #Credits Projected dates
Spring-1 1 3 Jan 10 – Mar 22, 2018
Spring-2 1 3 Apr 4- Jun 14, 2018
Fall-1 1 3 Jun 27 – Sep 6, 2018
Fall-2 1 3 Sep 19 – Nov 29, 2018
2019 #Courses #Credits Projected dates
Spring-1 1 3 Jan 9 – Mar 21, 2019
Spring-2 1 3 Apr 3 – Jun 6, 2019
Summer 1 3 June 26 – Sep 5, 2019


Tuition billed at $2490 per class plus 2.75% processing fee,  e-billed upon registration. Required textbooks and software are provided to students at the start of each semester at no additional cost.

For more information about program tuition and financial aid for the Masters program, please click here.

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